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A Few Tips and Tricks on Managing Your Artisna Shop

Filtering Your Orders Knowing your orders and their status is crucial to your shop's success on Artisna. There are online store filter options that are created to help you organize and manage all your orders for timely shipment and processing. Instead of digging through a large number of orders, you can use these incredible functions to organize them based on different criteria such as order date, return requested if any, payment status, delivery status, and the like.

Handling Your Shipping Function Efficiently Handling Your Shipping Function Efficiently When it comes to securing your customers' faith and loyalty, timely shipment of products is what does the trick. Your clients are impatient and eager for their product to reach them. Therefore, make sure that their orders are shipped via reliable partners, in an affordable and timely manner. Fast order fulfillment is a rule of thumb that should not be avoided.

The Order of First-In, First-Out This is a total no-brainer. ALWAYS follow this one golden rule when you have more than a few orders piled up. Chances are that you will have a lot of orders once you become a part of our family. At Artisna we suggest you to start with the order that you received the earliest and then move on to fulfilling the ones that came in later. Always make sure that you cater to those customers first who came in first. This ensures that they get their goods on time every time.

Efficient Management of Inventory Efficient Management of Inventory Well this is something that is very basic to any online shop and it lets you know where you are lacking, literally. With so many things to do online, tracking inventory might not be something that grabs your attention until the last minute. Having the products at hand is a common challenge for many businesses as most of their attention is directed toward customer retention and marketing activities. But good for you, tracking your inventory without having to go to the warehouse becomes easy with Artisna.

Tracking through a Number Tracking through a Number Numbers and more numbers; they just make your life much easier. A tracking number or ID makes it easier for your customers to track the package. Once you drop off the package at the post office, you lose control over it. This tracking number or ID enables your customers to follow up on its status on their own without having to contact the seller directly.