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Basics of Selling via an Artisna Shop

Everyone who wants to become a seller with should provide a valid credit card. It is simply for verification purposes. Members applying from certain countries may become a member of Artisna by seller registration through a PayPal account. It is an alternative to credit card registration. You will be glad to know that until your shop opens up and your listings are published you won't incur any charges.

Register to sell on Artisna

Naming Your Shop

Artisna suggests you to ensure the availability of whatever name that you might have thought for your shop before naming it. We will guide you in coming up with the right name and phonetics of it to avoid any confusion among buyers and other members. Artisna's team will make sure that you are helped through this process as swiftly as possible to quickly set up your shop and start earning.

Create your Artisan Profile

Selling on Artisna

As a crafter, artist, artisan, creator, collector, curator or someone who is passionate about art, you need to be certain that items that you put on display for sale are 100% handmade or in case are of vintage category, are at least 20 years old. Crafting tools and supplies, both artisan made and otherwise in your possession also qualify to sell on Like we said, we are not only an artisan marketplace but a community of likeminded people and if you find yourself wondering what artisan made goods or vintage goods are and what are not, click here .

Set up your products

Getting Paid

Artinsa makes the payment procedure simple. Buyers may make the payment with their credit or debit card in their local currency. Regardless of that, with our easy-to-use payment system, you as a seller would receive your payment via your PayPal account. Other methods of payment currently DO NOT apply.