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5 Reasons Why Handmade Jewelry Is So Expensive

Have you ever wondered what all goes into making handmade jewelry? What makes it so expensive? Well, let’s say it is not as expensive as some of the branded stuff that we come across at stores and jewelry outlets but their price is still a little on the upper tier. So why is this? Is it that difficult to come up with genuine handmade stuff? Is it just hype and a marketing gimmick? Let’s find out right here.5-Reasons-Why-Handmade-Jewelry-Is-So-Expensive
Most of us that buy handmade jewelry or handicrafts don’t know how they are made or even how the idea is conceived in the first place. All we see is the final product and make assumptions and draw out conclusions as to how the final piece came into being. Creating handmade adornments is their job and despite the fact that artisans don’t have a boss or any fixed hours, the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into it is unquantifiable.


Unlike machine made jewelry pieces, handmade jewelry is drawn on paper and the sketching part takes a lot of time and effort. The ideas are many a time very spontaneous and that is what accounts for the uniqueness of these designs. Many of the elements of the jewelry get decided upon while the design gets made. The metals to be crafted, the gemstones to be used, the cuts to be engraved and any personalization, all are predetermined and planned beforehand.
And times the sketching is what takes hours and even days to complete because this process is highly customized. This is so because there is no “one size fits all” strategy here, literally. Some may prefer curved grooves and some may like plain and geometrical designs, then there are some who love floral patterns and then many who like to see raw and rustic appeal in their jewelry pieces. And at times all of these have to be incorporated for different clients in the same batch with minor differences in specifications.
The designing phase also takes into account the various colors, textures and finishes of the metals and the color, cut and clarity of the precious stones to be embellished in the pieces. And of course how could we forget client measurements? These are very crucial to delivering a piece that is worth the wait.


The handmade jewelry that we’ve grown so fond of lately is obviously created by hand and hand held tools. There is no machine involved in the production of these items. Every piece of jewelry is carefully measured for weight, purity, density, malleability, and every precious stone for color, cut and clarity. Only certified and quality materials are used to create handmade jewelry. Measurements of the wearer are constantly kept in mind and tools such as metal wire cutters, pliers, crimpers and polishing plates and discs are used to craft the final product. The construction is carried out completely in the studio of the artisan where he gives the piece its shape by cutting, rubbing and scaling the metals, sets the stones into the grooves, engraved initials or personalized messages and finally polishes the final accessory to present it to the wearer. Your handmade necklaces or rings are carefully assembled and made painstakingly detailed with each part of them placed with precision and special attention to your preferences.

3.Marketing & Promotion

This is the step that comes when you are not the only one in line for the handmade jewelry that the artisan just made up there. There are definitely going to be more of those handmade pendants or bracelets and with notable differences that will tell them apart from one another. These are not mass produced but made in limited quantities for select buyers and investors or collectors according to their choices. This is why they need to know that their favorite design is out and thus marketing function kicks herein. A very important component of marketing is imagery and just to be clear again that nothing is mass produced via identical molds and cases, so the same images just won’t cut it for all. There are going to be items that will have distinct features despite belonging to the same batch. Every piece deserves to be marketed and promoted.


The shipping costs accrue to the artisans as well in case you didn’t take it into consideration. Once an item is marked as sold, in order to get it to the buyer, the artisan has to get it packaged and ready to ship. The items are tagged and stored, then packaged and labeled and then an email regarding the shipping is sent to the customer. Some artisans even include the cost of gas and time consumed to commute to the courier service office as that affects their timeline and costs a lot.

5.Bottom Line

Artisans put in a lot of time, energy, hard work and effort into all their pieces. The love and passion that they have for their art is unmatched and if they don’t get appreciated that is ok, but to undermine all of it by saying that they are overpriced is not fair to them. What do you think?

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