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6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Love is in the air. You can feel it all around you because everything seems rosy and blushing as Valentine’s Day approaches. It is a disgrace that you don’t have any tricks up your sleeve yet. How well do you think she is going to take it? Not good I suppose. You say that all those contemporary gift ideas are what everybody has planned for this season. How about something different? How about something that only you could think of, (with a little help of course)? How about romantic handmade gifts?

valentines day gift ideas


1.Personalized Bracelets

Handmade Bracelet Valentine Gift


Handmade personalized bracelets are a sure shot way to express your undeniable love to her. You can choose the metal of your choice or preferably of hers, from sterling silver to gorgeous gold and rich platinum or shiny copper. These can display your personal messages or your initials all engraved perfectly on to their smooth bodies. Personalized bracelets can be made to order and according to your specifications they can also hold any precious stone or crystal that she might be fond of.

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2.Handmade Rings

Handmade Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Ring Valentine Gift

Handmade rings are the perfect gift for her if you want to propose on Valentine’s Day in the most unconventional way. Gone are the days of those identical designs and commonly available stones and cuts that are literally found around everyone’s fingers these days. Handmade rings present a unique option as a Valentine’s Day gift for her as they are carved to suit their size and birthstone in many cases.



3.Handcrafted Necklaces

Handmade Necklace Valentine Gift

Artisans put their heart, soul and mind into making these beautiful handcrafted necklaces. They come in various designs, finishes, lengths, metals and pendant styles and may also include your lady love’s birthstone if you will. Hand crafted necklaces can be highly customized and made to look much more you by engraving your name or initials or by sporting your favorite phrase in the font you like. They can also sport your love messages to the wearer and express your true feelings in a unique way.  

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4.Custom Made Earrings

Handmade Earrings Valentine Gifts

Handmade earrings and their designs are always open to manipulation. This Valentine’s Day you can play with colors and designs of all kinds out there. You get practically countless options to choose from when it comes to their size, precious metals and stones and styles like chandelier or studded or dual toned and what not! The crystals and the shiny metals speak your heart out in a way you never thought even you could in a million years. Custom made earrings are a great way to convey how you feel about the special lady in your life.  



5.Birthstone Pendants

Handmade Pendant Valentine Gift

This is a gift that tells your special someone that you actually care. Knowing their birthstone is a sign of knowing their personality and their likes and dislikes. You can easily prove to them that you know them like you would know yourself or maybe even better. Handmade birthstone pendants say that she is what you always think about and that you care for her no matter how many quarrels and fights you have or how many disagreements you have been into. By gifting her a handmade birthstone pendant on this Valentine’s Day you can make this moment very special for the both of you.



6.Studded Brooches

Brooches are never out of fashion. They were cool in the 60s and they are still classic and stylish now. Handmade studded or chain link brooches are a great add-on to formal dresses. And if your lady is even slightly into sparkly things, which I am sure she is, then she will simply adore these handmade brooches that are carefully made by the most dexterous hands. Don’t forget to go romantically adventurous with pretty handmade gifts this Valentine’s Day.   

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