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7 Different Types Of Handmade Bracelets For Women

When it comes to choosing something that is made by an artisan of our choice, it is very difficult to pin down a particular favorite. Handmade bracelets are one of them and are often taken to be expensive and solely for collection purposes rather than a way to uniquely accessorize one’s wardrobe.

7 Different Types Of Handmade Bracelets For Women

This is not necessarily true and therefore, it is important to learn more about them. So, everyone who regards them as mere a symbol of traditional or long forgotten oriental cultures, be prepared to be reintroduced to the world of handmade jewelry.
There are numerous options to choose from whenever the question of handmade jewelry arises:

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Bangles- handmade bracelets for women
Bangles are also a type of bracelet and but only difference is that they lack any clasps or flexible hooks and stretching pieces that hold the jewelry together. Instead, these are simply meant to be slipped on around the wrist.

2.Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets- handmade bracelets for women
Handmade charm bracelets have small charms attached to them which might consist of gemstones or precious metals made in any shape and style as the wearer prefers. These hold a special significance to them and are a common type of family heirloom. These can be personalized as well and sport your favorite quote or words or phrases.

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3.Chain Bracelets

Chain Bracelets- handmade bracelets for women
Handmade chain bracelets as the name suggests consist of a string of chain links. They give a more prominent traditional jewelry like look and are found in various metallic finishes.

4.Beaded Bracelets

Better Be Beads handmade bracelets for women
Handmade bead bracelets are a type of chain bracelets and have a small wire or a string or cord (elastic) that is used to connect the beads together.

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5.Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelets- handmade bracelets for women
Handcrafted leather bracelets are becoming very popular among women of all ages. This is because of their high quality and craftsmanship and overall appeal. They are simple, yet stylish and give you the occasional hipster look that you crave for at times.

6.Rope Bracelets

Rope Bracelets- handmade bracelets for women
Rope bracelets are another kind of chain bracelets. The intertwined look can be achieved using any metal or fabric. These are woven together to form a braid and look super stylish.

7.Handmade Gemstone Bracelets

handmade personalized bracelets for women
These are very beautiful and command attention everywhere you go. Studded with precious and semi-precious stones and jewels, these give off a rich and sophisticated look and enhance your style quotient by multiples.

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