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7 Handmade Bathroom Accessories To Invest In This Spring

Your bathroom holds a special place in your house and in your life. Why so, because this is one such spot where you not only cleanse and rejuvenate yourself but many a time find inspiration as well. Yes, your bathroom is a place where you often go to relax and find solace and newer ideas.

7 Handmade Bathroom Accessories To Invest In This Spring


This is part of the reason we often find it hard to mess up with its look or take any chances with its interiors. Coming up with a particular look for it or remodeling or renovating it seems risky. If you are on a limited budget or just simply do not want to make any big changes, going for some useful handmade add-ons could also pan out well.

You don’t have to make any significant alterations in the interiors or the basic plan of the room but just add some accessories here and there to make it more inviting and inspiring. Handmade bathroom accessories are slowly becoming bigger every day for the simple reason that they do not demand much out if you. They offer beauty and utility in one single product. Some useful and beautiful handmade bathroom accessories and add-ons that you should invest in:

1.Handmade Towels

Handmade Towels
These are an absolute necessity if you want your bath to end with a soft cuddle. No pun intended. Made with the softest and handpicked fabrics, handmade towels are very much in demand because they do not have single synthetic thread or artificial color in them. These towels are made by hand and are 100% skin friendly as they lack any harmful colors or fabrics that might cause irritation or rashes on your skin. They absorb moisture easily and are relatively much more durable than their machine made counterparts.

2.Handmade Soaps

Today many gifted artisans are focusing their skills and efforts on making organic substitutes for soaps and shampoos. Handmade soaps are the choice of everyone who has sensitive skin or is just bored with the run of the mill cleansers and shampoos. These organic soaps are not only ideal for cleansing but the all natural ingredients like essential oils, oats, honey and herbs and spices used to formulate them keep your skin super smooth and young for years. They don’t have any side effects whatsoever and you can choose from a wide variety of them depending upon the season.

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3.Soap Dispenser and Soap Dish

Soap Dispenser and Soap Dish
Especially handcrafted soap dispensers and soap dishes are not something that you should forget if you are thinking of revamping your bathroom. They hold your liquid soaps and shampoos and save your soap bars from going waste. With numerous designs, colors and textures in containers to choose from, you can find the best pieces for your bathroom that define your style and go with your interiors. You get glossy glass bottles, wooden containers, metal finishes and refurbished plastic and a lot more when choosing handmade soap dispensers and dishes to complete the look of your bathroom.

4.Essential Oil Candles

Essential Oil Candles
Handmade fragrant candles do your bathroom a big favor. They contain awesome smelling essential oils that are carefully mixed by artisans to sooth your senses and completely turn around the aura of your bathing space. Handmade candles spread positivity and a feeling of serenity all over the bathroom making for an atmosphere that is conducive to wholesome relaxation.

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5.Bath Mats

Handmade bathmats are both soft and sturdy at the same time. These absorb water and keep your bathroom floors super dry. You don’t want to step out of a hot relaxing soak and rest your feet on a cold floor do you? So say goodbye to slippery feet and say hello to a comfortable bathmat that caresses your feet and ensures squeaky clean surfaces. Handmade bathmats are available in various colors and textures and can even be made to order depending on the interiors of your bathroom.

6.Homemade Scrubs

Homemade Scrubs
Handmade scrubs and serums are the new beauty norm. Your bath is incomplete without any of these. Many homerun businesses and artisan undertakings are increasingly focusing on creating the best homemade scrubs and serums that cleanse your body and hair condition them as well. These are made of all natural ingredients like jojoba oil, ground almonds, oats, rock salt, coconut oil and many more and are perfect for sensitive skin and dry hair.

7.Handmade Brush Holders

Handmade personalized brush holders give your bathroom a never before tried look. They flaunt your favorite messages and phrases and many a time your names as well. Handmade brush and comb holders keep your grooming essentials in style and neatly lined up just the way you want them to be.

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