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How to Make Handmade Greeting Cards At Home

If you are bored of the readymade store-bought greeting cards, you can make some really nice and reasonably attractive greeting cards at home. You can give your greeting cards a truly personal touch by making them all by yourself!

Make Handmade Greeting Cards At Home

Your friends and family are going to love receiving them. These will be your unique designs and you can proudly say that you made them from scratch.


1. Getting Started

Getting Started

Start by folding a piece of paper or thick handmade paper sheets that you get at your local crafts store. These can be of any color really. You can pick out white or its many shades such as off white, or ivory or cream, milky white or pearl white. You can also go with colored ones such as pink, blue, light green, pale yellows and specifically the shades that allow you to make your own customizations on them easily.

You can pick out an A5 size sheet which is a medium-sized cardstock. It is quite sturdy but can be folded pretty easily. You can also use an A4 cardstock and they all will be available at your local craft store.

2. Center Of Attention

Center Of Attention

You can decide upon the feature of the greeting card that is going to make it stand out. This can be a cut out of an old picture, a colorful drawing, a sticker, or some fancy letters or initials or any shape that reminds you or is symbolic of the occasion you are making the card for. You can take for example, a pumpkin for Halloween or a cake for birthday and so on.

Just make sure that it is a small and relatively thin object that can easily find space on your greeting card. By adding a photograph of the recipient you can add a special and personal touch to the card. Likewise you can also paint something of interest or highlight on the card and leave it to dry. If you are good at drawing or painting, water based colors would be very good. If you have less of experience in water colors, there are always soft core colored pencils available out there which despite being a little expensive give a really fantastic output.

3. Borders Are Important

border line

When drawing borders or margins on the greeting card; make sure to draw a rough line with a pencil first. This will act as a reference and when you draw over it with the color of your choice, you will be more precise.

This further gives your handmade greeting card a more uniform look and makes it simple for you to come up with proper spacing of messaging and the central feature of the card as well.

4. Write It Down

Write It Down

Your message is very important. What is the purpose of your card? To who is it addressed? Is the recipient of the card a child or a grownup? And the most important of them all, what is the occasion?

You have to manage enough space after all the initial embellishments and decorations on the card, so that your message, be it “happy birthday” or “anniversary” doesn’t get ignored or crowded. Therefore, leave enough space to write it out clearly.

5. Final Decorations

Final Decorations

These are very critical and fun at the same time because you can easily go overboard with this step. You do have plenty of options though for instance, colored pens, tassels, buttons, and ribbons, threads, colored tapes and stickers, glitter and plastic stones and sequins and what not!

6. Envelope For Your Handmade Greeting Card

Envelope For Your Handmade Greeting Card

This is probably the easiest thing that you can make for your greeting card. It is cool and leaves a lot of room for your creativity as well. All you have to do is find a relatively larger size of paper, preferably the same material that you chose to make your greeting card at home. Place it diagonal or in a way that it is looks like a diamond on the table top.

Fold three corners of the paper towards the center of the paper making for a pocket. Stick them with super glue at the center and then apply some colored tape at the edges to keep them intact. To end the DIY, you can draw your favorite shapes, or add some glitter and make some designs with pens or stick tassels and colorful paper cutouts along with the name of the recipient and there you have it. Your very own handmade greeting card!

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