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We at Artisna are in need of a Chef that can cater to the needs of the staff. He should be able to provide with decent meals throughout the day and should become a part of the team.


  • Ensuring that quality culinary dishes are served on time
  • Modifying and creating new menus as needed
  • Creating a wide variety of new dishes for valued clients that visit the store
  • Performing all kitchen administrative duties such as ordering in supplies and reporting to the head of establishment
  • Recruiting and hiring staff, including junior cooks and other kitchen workers as required
  • Supervising and coordinating activities of the staff engaged in food preparation
  • Checking the quality of raw and cooked food products and dishes to meet our standards
  • Planning, budgeting and purchasing supplies, equipment and arranging for their repairs

Skills and Qualification:

  • Expert culinary knowledge or certification
  • Knowledge of business and management principles
  • Able to perform strategic planning and resource allocation
  • Leadership qualities
  • Attention to detail and creativity
  • Should know the art of coordinating people
  • Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment
  • Knowledge of selection and training procedures
  • Aware of compensation and benefits, labor relations and negotiation
  • Awareness of personal hygiene and that of the surroundings and general maintenance is very important

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