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We at Artisna invite competent candidates for accurately and securely using, maintaining and developing computerized databases. They should be able to handle large amounts of information and data on customers and employees alike.

Things we look for include:

  • Keeping all databases updated
  • Supervising and helping with database design and development
  • Managing database access
  • Designing and putting in action all the maintenance procedures
  • Ensuring user requirements are met by the database
  • Liaising with programmers, operational staff and IT project managers
  • Managing database security and backup procedures
  • Defining objectives and writing reports
  • Maintaining documentation and operating manuals
  • Testing and modifying databases to ensure proper operation
  • Providing user training, support and feedback
  • Writing and updating disaster recovery plans
  • Archiving all data


  • A degree in discipline such as operational research, mathematics, electronics, computer studies or software/computer engineering
  • Postgraduate computing/IT qualification (in case of graduates without relevant qualifications or experience)
  • Familiarity with computer operating systems
  • Understanding of database technology (design, software and structure)

Key Skills:

  • Candidate must be patient
  • Meticulous and logical in approach
  • Capable of prioritizing tasks
  • Should possess good problem solving ability
  • Analytical, administrative and organizational skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Technical expertise and experience in computer industry
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