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How it Works?

We’re an online marketplace for talented and creative individuals. Everything on Artisna is carefully screened for quality and then selected keeping in mind buyer needs and demands.

  • Select
    You can choose from a wide variety of product styles and types from our site. Every piece is original and unique, created with painstaking detail and love for creation. You will find products here that will please and satisfy all your whims and quirks.
  • Order
    You can order from one or more than one artisan. The entire payment will be made once and for all at the final checkout page of There is no need to pay for each order separately. However, do remember that along with delivery timings, their costs accruing to you might differ depending upon the artisan. Different items despite being a part of the same order might arrive separately.
  • Ask
    Feel free to ask away if you have any questions. Always clear your doubts before you order. Artisna advises you to directly get in touch with the artisan in case your query relates to the product or its customization. We make sure that you get products specific to your requirements every time you shop with us.
  • Know
    Knowledge is the key. At Artisna we make sure that you are constantly kept in the loop whenever we send out any updates regarding your order or preferences related to the kind of handcrafted goods you seek. You will be notified via regular emails from us about order confirmation, receipt, payment, and dispatch and delivery dates and times, etc.

Things That Make Artisna an Exception

  • Delivery prices for each product are clearly mentioned on the product page
  • Express and/or international delivery available on many products
  • You will find that many items are delivered free of charge

We Make Gifting Easy

  • You can easily add gift notes, best wishes, wraps and special cards to any items that you select
  • Buy and send a gift directly to the recipient
  • Buy accessories and supplies for your office or someone else’s
  • Our extensive range of corporate gifts varies in style, designs and prices. Choose one or in bulk or as you please

We Keep Track Of Your Wishes

  • You can create your own favorites list, stay updated on their availability, current prices and discounts if any in future
  • Heart the pieces that you like the most and share them with your loved ones through our social site links
  • Seek opinions of friends and family over gifting options for all your special occasions and much more
  • Talk about birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, retirement parties, bar mitzvahs, christening and the list goes on
  • We have a personalized calendar plug-in to remind you of every occasion you can imagine

Shop Safe

We operate only through PayPal and its secure online transfer protocol. We also accept all credit cards via PayPal.

We Value Your Feedback

You gave us a chance to serve you. Now we ask one more favor of you. Rate our services, share your experiences and tell us where we can improve and help you better.

Sell with us

We welcome new talent and never forget to appreciate skill no matter where we find it. Feel free to join if you want an exceptional podium to sell your handmade products online. Find out more at