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How to Open a Shop on Artisna

Setting up a shop on Artisna is rather easy. We have made sure that the process is kept 100% fee-free for everyone. There is NO charge for listing your items with us or any transaction fee or commission for that matter. Artisna gives you an opportunity to avail our services WITHOUT PAYING A DIME FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. Yes, you can list your products, supplies and handmade or vintage goods on our site and sell them through our community links and services without having to pay any fees or percentage in your sales for ONE COMPLETE YEAR. That's called FEE-FREE!

However, after the completion of that one year period Artisna's fee structure will apply and will be conveyed to you in time in a form that is easily understandable. Every fee (listing and/or transaction) accruing to your account will be communicated to you in a timely fashion and you are expected to pay all due charges by a predetermined date. You can make the payments through your PayPal account. Other means of payment such as credit card, debit card and online transfers currently do not apply. However, we will incorporate them over time and you will be informed of the same at the earliest.