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How an Artist at Artisna works

  • Register to sell on Artisna

    Register to sell on Artisna

    All Artisans are invited to sell on It is easy to set up your shop

  • Create your Artisan Profile

    Create your Artisan Profile

    Build your storefront with a custom URL Share your story, showcase your creations, and connect with customers

  • Set up your products

    Set up your products

    Artisna’s simple listing tool lets you add products to your store. Listings are free and never expire!

  • Start selling

    Start selling

    Reach hundreds of thousands of willing customers across the USA right here!


Why should you sell on Artisna?

  • Be Creative, Be Fun

    You can do what you love the most and express it through your one-of-a-kind creations

    We let you follow your passion and not the tick tock of the clock

    Share the story behind your every creation; put up a great profile, photos, banners, etc.

    Connect with shoppers, creators, makers, artisans and curators from around the world

  • Be a Member, Be Happy

    There is always room for more money in your pocket

    Being a member of Artisna is fee-free! Yes, there is no membership fee with us

    Cost of listing and commission too is nil for an entire year when you associate with Artisna

  • Be Social, Be Global

    We are a global marketplace of buyers and artisans from all over the world

    You can be a part of an evolving community that spans across nations and continents

    Turn your homerun business or hobby into a brand among a sea of customers

    Gain from the experience, knowledge and marketing skills of our teams and experts

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Yes   A worldwide online community for your handmade goods.
Yes   artisan online protection and top level customer support services to help you sell your handmade goods.
Yes   Payment processing fees may apply. We use PayPal for all kind of transactions.

Benefits of Selling Your Handmade Products on Artisna

Register to sell on Artisna

Get your Products Noticed

Everything you need in one place, trusted by over 250 million customers worldwide.

Create your Artisan Profile

Need Help?

We've got you covered with phone and constant email support.

Set up your products

Spend Time on What Matters

Artisna’s easy to use free tools and reports simplify your business.

Register to sell on Artisna

Custom orders are easy

Let your customers discover highly personalized handicrafts by describing your products in the best possible way

Create your Artisan Profile

Join our Associates Program

We are developing an Associates / Affiliate marketing program that will enable you to get even more hits on your home page. Learn more.


Basic FAQs for Artisans

How to set up a shop on Artisna?

Artisna makes joining and setting up a shop very easy for everyone and it is 100% fee-free. There is no charge for listing your items with us or any transaction fee or commission for that matter. Artisna gives you an opportunity to avail our services without paying a dime for an entire year. Yes, you can list your products, supplies and handmade or vintage goods on our site and sell them through our community links and services without having to pay any charges or percentage in sales for ONE COMPLETE YEAR. That's called FEE-FREE!

However, after the completion of that one year period Artisna's fee structure will apply and will be conveyed to you in time in a form that is easily understandable. Every fee (listing and/or transaction) accruing to your account will be communicated to you in a timely fashion and you are expected to pay all due charges by a predetermined date. You can either pay through your registered credit card or a valid PayPal account. It is as simple as that.

Do I have to have a credit card to become a member?

Well, yes you do. Everyone who wants to become an artisan with us should provide a valid credit card. It is simply for verification purposes. Members applying from certain countries may become a member of Artisna by artisan registration through a PayPal account. It is an alternative to credit card registration. You will be glad to know that until your shop opens up and your listings are published you won't incur any charges.

What all can I sell here on Artisna?

If you are a crafter, artist, artisan, creator, collector, curator or someone who is passionate about art and/or has vintage items (at least 20 years old) or crafting tools and supplies both handmade and otherwise in their possession, qualify to sell them at Like we said, we are not only an artisan marketplace but a community of likeminded people and if you find yourself wondering what handmade is and what is not.

How do I get paid?

Artinsa makes the payment procedure simple. Buyers may make the payment with their credit or debit card in their local currency. Regardless, with our easy-to-use payment system, you as a artisan would receive your payment in your local currency either through a bank transfer or a PayPal account.

Naming Your Shop

Artisna suggests you to ensure the availability of whatever name that you might have thought for your shop before naming it. We will guide you in coming up with the right name and phonetics of it to avoid any confusion among buyers and other members. Artisna's team will make sure that you are helped through this process as swiftly as possible to quickly set up your shop and start earning.



We are a Marketplace

Everything on Artisna is sold & sent directly by Creative Handmade Artists.