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We make it easy for you to return or exchange or cancel orders with us. A majority of products listed with Artisna have a 7 days grace period. Within this grace period, you can notify the artisan of the cancellation, return or exchange of any order or item. Your grace period starts from the day your order is delivered and lasts for the next 7 days. This applies only to cancellable goods.*

Managing Your Orders – Cancel/Return/Exchange

You can directly request for a return for any of your orders with Artisna. Just go into your user account and navigate to your orders. Click on the return option and that’s it. You will get a notification regarding further directions shortly which will guide you through the process ahead.

Already Received The Order Before You Could Complete The Cancellation?

  • Package the item/product and send it back to the artisan. Make sure that you do that within 14 days of informing us about order cancellation. It is recommended to use a signed-for delivery service along with proof of postage. Kindly do take note that the direct cost of returning the product will be borne by the buyer
  • Artisna functions as the artisan’s payment agent. We make sure to process the refund directly to your account 14 days after:
  • The artisan receives the product or;
  • You confirmed that you have returned the product to the artisan or;
  • You informed the artisan of the cancellation/return/exchange (if no goods were delivered or supplied)
  • Please DO NOT discard or destroy any product if it is found to be faulty unless you have contacted the artisan and know that doing so WILL NOT affect the cancellation/refund/exchange that you may have a claim on or be entitled to.
  • Please note that the buyer will be liable for any damage, or diminished value accruing to the product as a result of mishandling, or transit back to the artisan. Certain handling of the product which is necessary to establish its nature, characteristics and functioning will be excused to an extent that is essential to derive its purpose.

You can redeem your gift vouchers within 7 business days of purchase. Please go through our gift voucher terms and conditions for more information. All our artisans comply with Artisna’s returns policy. We assure you peace of mind while shopping with us. If you have any questions or confusion feel free to get in touch with us at

What All You Can’t Send Back

You might find some items or products that cannot be returned or canceled and we understand that it is a bit of an inconvenience. Nonetheless, we inform you beforehand that such items are NON-REFUNDABLE and advise you to read the terms and conditions attached with such goods before you make a purchase.

Items that are considered Non-Returnable or Non-Refundable or Non-Cancellable are as Follows:

  • Products that are made to your specific requirements
  • These items are outside of standard make and features and the artisan/creator takes special care while retrieving or creating such good
  • Every such item is personalized to a particular customer’s preference and hence can't be resold to another buyer due to its bespoke features and elements
  • Perishable goods such as foods or semi-cooked packaged items DO NOT qualify for return or cancellation
  • Specifically designed products that are commissioned only on the behest of the customer such as art and sculpture pieces, ceramics and other intricately designed items are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Personal items such as cosmetics and innerwear or other items that require hygiene seal to be broken to be used CAN NOT BE CANCELED
To find out in detail what items qualify and what don’t as cancelable/returnable/refundable refer to the Artisna Product List. For more information visit