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Seller FAQs

How does selling on work?

Selling on is very easy. You just have to list your products on the site (preferably the ones that you want to sell). Customer sees your products, selects something of his liking and then makes a purchase. You will be prompted via an email notification regarding the order placed. Ship the product to the customer and after you have confirmed the shipment, Artisna will deposit the funds into your PayPal account.

What products can I sell on is a growing artisan marketplace and you can sell anything that is made by hand and depicts your ideas and uniqueness. You can sell handmade or knitted apparel, homemade beauty products and consumables, groceries, home décor items, jewelry, mobile covers and cases, kitchen items, musical instruments, handcrafted office supplies and stationary, pet supplies, handmade shoes and handbags, and pretty much everything that has your personal touch to it. Please do note that you will find certain categories that are restricted and so may require prior approval before they can be sold here.

What information do I need to register as a seller on

To be able to register as a seller on you need to fill us in on a few details such as:

  1. Your full name and email address
  2. Your phone number and address for correspondence
  3. The name of the company you run
  4. Basic information about your business

If you have all of this ready, just click here to register to sell on Artisna

Can I sell on Artisna if I don't have a website?

Yes, you can still sell on Artisna if you don't have a website. All you have to do is complete the registration process and you will have access to our online seller platform that is the perfect venue to display, market, and sell your products.

If I do list my products on, will the customer know that they are buying the product from me?

Yes, the customer will know that they are buying the product from you (seller). Artisna clearly indicates that on your product page as well as on the offer listing page. The seller's name is also mentioned on the invoice that will be issued to the buyer.

Do you have any listing charges?

Currently Artisna DOES NOT have any cost for listing or selling with us. As a seller you are free to upload as many products as you like.

What is your Commission percentage?

Our commission percentage is 0, yes, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH which is to say that you can register with us, list your products on our site and sell on this Artisna for FREE for the entire first year of your membership. There is NO listing fee, NO commission fee and NO sharing of proceeds that you make here for an entire year.

I created my Artisna Shop and uploaded products too but they are not live yet. Why?

Artisna takes certain measures to make sure that the products are authentic, legal, and the photos provided are of high quality and are acceptable. This process might take as long as 24 hours to be completed and till then your products will not appear on your shop.

How will I get to know if I receive any order?

Once you log into your seller panel, you will find a notification regarding all the orders that you have received. You will also be sent an instant email for any order that you receive.

Can I sell outside my country through

Yes, we do provide this facility. is a global artisan marketplace that allows shipments across continents around the world.

How do I ship an international order?

For all of your international orders, you can choose any of the leading international shipping services available in the market. It is entirely your discretion what provider you choose, but make sure that they deliver to the location of the buyer mentioned in the order.

Is invoicing the customer necessary?

Yes, invoicing the customer is recommended and it is strictly your responsibility for any domestic or international sale that you make at Artisna.

Do I get marketing support from Artisna? favors every seller by the way of constantly promoting their products. Every product listed on our site is important to us and we make sure that all the vendors who continuously make an effort to update and enhance their product list get maximum benefit from our marketing efforts. Make sure that you have great photo quality, timely dispatch history with minimum refunds/returns and have good product price and quality. We have both, unpaid and paid marketing support for promoting your products.

Do we as sellers get any support in uploading our products on Artisna?

Yes, at Artisna we have a fully cooperative and functional team of experts that is all set to help you out in uploading your products. You can either connect to them for the purpose or simply mail us the product and/or stock list and we will do the uploading part for you.

How do I update tracking details of the shipment?

To update your tracking details, just simply log into your vendor/seller account or panel and add tracking details by opening your shipment. You need to keep track of all the orders that have been shipped or are in transit from time to time to ensure timely delivery.

Do I need to sign any physical agreement to become a seller with you?

No, to become a seller with us you don't need to sign any physical agreement but an electronic one in which you will accept all our terms and conditions when you register and open a shop with us.

When will I get my Payment?

Artisna disburses payments to your PayPal account once a week or as you deem suitable. Generally a seller with us is eligible for payment for an order 7 days after it is confirmed as shipped.


You may choose to receive payments to your PayPal account for your each of your sales within 15 days of shipping the products to the buyers. Please note that does not get its commission on sale until the seller is paid. But in this case for 1 entire year you don't have to share any of your proceeds with us. However, Artisna suggests you do the needful to ensure that the status of the shipment is changed to "Shipped to Customer" as soon as possible. Also, make sure that the status is accompanied with valid tracking details. If you are a new seller with Artisna, your first payment might take a little longer than usual as we need time to setup your account for electronic payments. For any more information in this regard, feel free to drop a mail at

What are the fees or charges for selling on Artisna?

Currently there are NO charges for selling on for an entire year. Yes, listing, marketing and selling your goods with us is absolutely Fee-Free. The Pricing Policy will be conveyed to every seller on the completion of the first year of their subscription with us.

Can I cancel my Artisna subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Artisna subscription anytime you want.

Who should I talk to about selling on Artisna?

You can talk to our staff members and personnel directly on this number +1 310 929 5564 We at make sure that our sellers are kept up to date with all the latest changes and developments on our site. You can also mail to us on and we will respond to you as early as possible with an answer to your query.