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How-to’s and best practices for representing your brand and products

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Getting found

The ins and outs of SEO and connecting with buyers on artisna and beyond

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Tips and tricks to save you money and time when fulfilling your orders

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Branding and marketing

Developing and promoting your brand to shoppers and the press, plus how to ace customer service

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Demystifying intellectual property law, legal structures for your business and more

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Pricing and finance

Practical information to take the stress out of pricing your items, bookkeeping and taxes

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Strategies for working smarter, not harder, including tips on hiring and leadership

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Growth strategies

Advice on expanding your business with new products, artisna Wholesale or manufacturing partnerships

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Inspiring workspaces, motivational seller stories, details on events and the latest news from our community

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Seasonal tips

Trends and advice to help you capitalize on peak shopping seasons, online and in person

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