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Soul Masks


Mask Making


New Jersey, United States

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Soul Masks specializes in making handmade paper mache masks for the soul. Masking allows the wearer to achieve a transformed state that represents the spiritual essence of the mask. Masks can be used for many different things; Healings, blessings, rituals, reconnecting with your spirit, Halloween, dress up or just for fun! Soul Masks are hand sculpted out of paper pulp, paper mache or made from a cardboard base. I do not use a mold and each one is made uniquely for it's owner. Most of the materials are recycled fabrics, vintage jewelry and found in nature herself. Adornments can include crystals,gems, rocks, shells, wood, metal, feathers, beads and all sorts of interesting materials I stumble upon. For completion, I sit with each mask and fill it with the love and attention set for in it's creation.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn a little bit more about Soul Masks! Each mask is made by me using my own unique methods and techniques. This allows me the freedom to create unique works of wearable art that won't be seen on anyone else. My process in creating a mask is by making my own paper mache pulp which is then hand sculpt and carved out. The only mold I use is a basic form it was built on to hold the shape. The design and details are all hand sculpted by me. From time to time, I will use a cardboard base for my decoupage masks. I also enjoy finding vintage fabrics, accessories, vintage clothes and upcycling them into wearable art. I hope to add vintage clothes, accessories, costumes and vintage jewelry in the future so be sure to like my page or check back for new items weekly.Thank you and have a amazing day!

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