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Seller - Terms of Use - Artisna

Artisna Welcomes You!
There are certain rules and guidelines that you are expected to follow once you become a part of this community. Well, to be honest, they are not much to begin with and exist only for your own benefit.

For starters, as a seller, joining and setting up a shop on Artisna is absolutely free and any listing that is put on our site is meant for the purpose of sale only. By listing an item with us you warrant that you and all aspects of the item comply with Artisna's seller policies.

Artisna is not just a marketplace where you can sell your handmade goods but a community of likeminded artists who are fond of collecting precious items of value like vintage stuff and craft supplies. You can sell them directly to buyers from around the world. We at Artisna strive to make this experience worth your while in every respect.

So, let us understand what all is expected out of you as a seller and what is not:

Things You Can Sell On Artisna

Artisna is a fun marketplace where buyers come to purchase unique items that they do not find anywhere else. Artisna requires you to put products only that are handmade, vintage / antique or craft supply (or a part of it). Handmade items comprise everything that is made and/or designed by you, the seller, or is/are designed by you and then manufactured by or with the help of an approved manufacturer.

Handmade items comprise everything that is made and/or designed by you, the seller, or is/are designed by you and then manufactured by or with the help of an approved manufacturer. Either way, you or the creator has to who comply with our manufacturing policies. You need to accurately describe every person or party involved in the creation of an item in your workshop in your “About us” page. Always use your own photographs and make sure that they are high resolution and appropriately lit. Avoid the use of stock photos or any kind of artistic renderings via software, or images used by other similar sellers or websites.

Either way the creator has to comply with our manufacturing policies. You also need to accurately describe every person or party involved in the creation of an item in your workshop in your “About us” page. Always use your own photographs and make sure that they are high resolution and appropriately lit. Avoid the use of stock photos or any kind of artistic renderings via software, or images used by other similar sellers or websites.

For Selling Custom handmade items you have to agree that:

  • All those item listings are intended for sale;
  • Each item in your custom listings should have a set price;
  • In case you put up an image for reference or better understanding of the user as to how a particular item would look like after customization, you have to mention that in the description;
  • All your beautiful vintage items must be at least 20 years old;
  • If you have any craft supplies; tools, ingredients, or raw or semi-finished materials intended for the creation of a handmade product, describe them well. Materials that are commercially made and ready to be used as a finished product do not qualify for this category.

Things you cannot sell on Artisna

In spite of having met well our criteria for handmade, vintage or craft supply products, there are certain characteristics that could prevent your goods from being sold here and they are certain prohibited items and services, and items in violation of our intellectual rights and policies.

Artisna does not allow you to resell here. This refers to selling an item that is indeed handmade but not designed by you but a third party from where ou procured it. For you to be able to sell anything here, you have to be involved in the creation process. Artisna is at liberty to remove any listings that violate its policies and guidelines.

The Items That Are Prohibited For Sale at Artisna

We at Artisna make sure that the items that present a legal risk to our community are prohibited from display and sale on our platform. If your products are inconsistent with our values or are harmful to any of our members in any way or are simply not in the spirit of Artisna, they shall be removed or prevented from being displayed.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs

This category also includes drug paraphernalia, and medical drugs and also any kind of animal products and/or human remains. Live animals, products made from companion animals and endangered animals come under this category as well. Potentially dangerous items such as corrosive or harmful materials, recalled items and weaponry also come under this head.

Hate Items

These are the ones that promote and support and/or glorify feelings of hatred and hostility. No illegal items and products that promote any kind of illegal activity and all kinds of highly regulated items shall be posted on Artisna. These include counterfeit or stolen items or items subject to complex legal regulations. In short, all forms of illegal activities are strictly prohibited at Artisna.

Internationally Regulated Products

At Artisna you can directly connect with buyers from around the world so if you sell an item to another country, or enter into a cross border transaction, you will be responsible for complying with international trade laws and restrictions.

All Kinds of Explicit & Pornographic & Mature Content

Artisna prohibits pornography of any kind on its site. Mature content on the other hand is restricted.

Aritsna understands that pornography is difficult to define, still an item that:
  • Is particularly extreme or explicit;
  • Is a highly elaborate version of mature content;
  • Clearly depicts male and/or female genitalia;
  • Shows sexual activity or content;
  • Displays profane language or violent images;
  • Showcases explicit types or representations of taxidermy would be counted as a form of pornography.

Items That Promote, Support and/or Glorify Acts or Gestures of Violence

We want Artisna to be known as a fair and safe community therefore we maintain that violent content though being a legitimate part of our history, education and/or artistic expression; is never used to promote violence in any form against oneself or others. Following items are prohibited on Artisna:

  • Items or products that promote or glorify human suffering or tragedies;
  • Items or products that commemorate or honor offenders and serial killers;
  • Products intended to exploit natural calamities and disasters or human sufferings and tragedies;
  • Items or products that promote, support, encourage or celebrate violent acts against individuals or groups;
  • Products that promote and encourage self-mutilation, starvation and/or other forms of self-harm.

We maintain the safety of all our users, and hence refrain from making room for articles that have complex legal regulations surrounding them. The list of such products is non-exhaustive but the following might give you an idea:

  • Explosives and all kinds of fireworks or sparklers;
  • Any flammable item including liquids, gases or loose matches;
  • Any kind of radioactive material;
  • All kinds of toxic substances in any form;
  • Items have been recalled by the government.


Highly subjective in nature but still demanding due attention are the instruments and articles that might pose a threat or can be used to inflict harm on a person. Such items are guns, knives (including army knives) or other blatant weapons (including vintage products) and imitation weapons or weapons that are prohibited by law.

Artisna is a community where people from across the globe come together bound by their love for art. We respect all their backgrounds and nationalities, religious beliefs and political affiliations and their artistic taste and sense of humor.

To make everyone feel comfortable here and return for a glorious experience, we make sure that none of Artisna’s listings promote or support hatred or preference towards certain people or cultures. As a seller at this platform you are required to respect everyone regardless of their race, national origin, ethnicity, religious inclination, gender and gender identity, disability and sexual orientation.

Level of Honesty & Transparency Required of You at Artisna

While representing yourself, your store and your products at Artisna you agree to be completely honest and truthful. At Artisna we value transparency a lot and therefore accurate, correct and adequate information about you, your business and items is must.

Along with this you need to:

  • Abide by your own Shop Policies if any;
  • Describe all your listed products with appropriate photos;
  • Make sure to respect others’ intellectual property;
  • Make sure not to engage in fee avoidance;
  • Ensure that you do not create any duplicate shops.

Managing Cancellations, Returns and Exchanges

I case of international buyers, as a seller you may want to familiarize yourself with their laws regarding shipping, cancellation and return of an order and exchanges if applicable.

Maintain Communication with Other Artisna Members

Artisna allows you to participate in conversations with your customers. This feature is available to every seller on our platform and whenever a buyer wants to get in touch with you regarding a product or a particular query regarding their order, they can and you can revert in the same manner without any hassle.

However as a seller you may not use this feature to:

  • Send or transfer unsolicited advertisement or promotional messages;
  • Send requests for donations, charities or spam;
  • Harass or coerce or abuse another member;
  • Contact a member or a buyer someone despite repeat instructions not to;
  • Interfere with a transaction or business of any member.

Refrain from Interference

Artisna strictly prohibits any kind of interference caused by a member in the business and conduct of any other member (intentionally). As a seller you have to act keeping in mind that none of your acts affect negatively another member’s business and shop’s reputation.

Instances of Interference:

  • Contacting other members through Artisna’s platform to direct them to stay away from another member or seller or shop or product resulting in negative impact on the other party;
  • Posting about a dispute or conversation with another member in a public area or a forum other than Artisna’s;
  • Intentionally posting a negative review to disparage or demean the other seller or purchasing from a particular seller for the same purpose;
  • Committing “click fraud” which is purposely clicking on a member’s or a seller’s promoted ads so as to drain their advertising budget.

Aritsna Prohibits Any Kind of Harassment

Artisna DOES NOT allow any of its members to use its platform to harass any other member (buyer or seller). Similarly, you may not use Artisna and its services to support or glorify anti-social acts and hatred towards any members. Also, you are not allowed to demean any member based on their:

  • Race;.
  • Ethnicity;.
  • Religion;.
  • Gender;.
  • Gender identity;.
  • Disability;.
  • Sexual orientation..


As a seller with Artisna you are eligible to communicate with the buyer and for the purpose you may receive / acquire their email address. Entering into a transaction with a buyer puts a certain responsibility on you and thus this information may only be used to fulfill that.

You may use that data for:

  • Artisna-related communication;
  • Artisna-facilitated transactions.

You are not allowed to use this information for:

Sending unsolicited commercial messages;

  • Pursuing unauthorized transactions;
  • Adding any Artisna member to your personal or alternate email or mailing list (without the buyer’s consent);
  • Misusing any payment information.

Content Management on Artisna

You have to be responsible for all the content that you post or upload on Artisna as it will largely reflect upon your reputation and can work in favor of or against your sales. Not to mention that the kind of content you upload also affects the community at large that you are a part of now.

Artisna gives you the opportunity to create and upload varied content, like images, videos, high resolution photos and tutorials and usernames, different listings, texts and descriptions, etc. Make sure that your content is respectful, safe, conforming to Artisna’s policies and rules of conduct and are not:

  • Abusive
  • Threatening;
  • Defamatory;
  • Harassing;
  • Obscene;
  • Vulgar;
  • In violation of someone else’s privacy;
  • In violation of someone else’s intellectual property rights;
  • False, deceptive, or misleading in any way.

Provide Great Customer Service

You as a seller at Artisna are expected to provide high levels of customer service and thus to ensure the same you agree to:

  • Abide by your predetermined shipping and processing times. Completing all transactions in a prompt manner with every buyer is a must, unless there are circumstances that necessitate exceptions;
  • Always make sure that you respond to conversations initiated by consumers on time;
  • Make sure that the commitments made by you in your shop policies are honored on time;
  • Take steps to resolve disagreements or disputes cordially with every buyer. In case you find it cumbersome to come to amicable terms with the buyer, Artisna offers arbitration and assistance;
  • In any case should you find it not possible to honor your commitment in time or complete the order under the stipulated time period, make sure to notify the buyer of the same.

Faring Well On Artisna Reviews

Artisna values buyer reviews a lot and that is for the simple reason that they let you build a strong reputation if you get enough of them to favor you and your services. Every buyer can review their purchase with Artisna and leave remarks regarding their experience. These reviews comprise a one-to-five star rating along with a photograph of their purchase (optional).

The reviews and the photograph(s) can be edited by the buyers at any time while they are logged in. In case you receive a negative or an unfavorable review, you can always reach out to your consumer and clarify your position on certain things that they might find not up to the mark.

What all may not be contained in any of the Reviews and/or your response to them:

  • Any private information regarding you or your dealings outside Artisna or at any similar platform;
  • Any vulgar or obscene, racist or harassing content / language / imagery;
  • Any prohibited or illegal medical drug claims;
  • Any advertisements or spam;
  • Any comments or statements that are aimed to undermine the integrity of Artisna Review system.


Artisna has no room for any form of extortion on its website. Any attempt or tools used to hamper with or manipulate the review system of the site by employing threats, comments, intimidation or bribe is considered extortion and is strictly prohibited. Bribe and extortion comprise a seller offering to buy their consumer any additional goods and/or services, or compensation in return for a positive review about their product(s) or services.


Shilling is not something that is held in high regard on Artisna and therefore is strictly prohibited. It is a favorable yet fraudulent representation of a seller’s shop on Artisna with the use of an alternate account. The intent here is to make that seller look more appealing and desirable to the consumer by increasing their shop’s number of sales. This is followed by an inflated overall review score which is deceptive and compromises Artisna’s policy of transparency. Reviews always and only have to contain honest and fair opinions, reliable findings, and beliefs or true experiences of the buyer.

Seller Rights and Responsibilities

Artrisna aims to help its seller and all other users with their disputes through its Policy and Terms of Use. You as a seller are at complete liberty to resolve any and all of your disputes directly with any buyer. You can seek Artisna’s assistance regarding dispute management and refund tools if need arises. In case Artisna is notified of any such incident that resulted in violation of the seller’s policy by the buyer, then it may reserve the right to a refund to that buyer.

Maintain the Integrity of International Trade Laws

As a seller you also have to agree to NOT involve any countries, individuals and entities or items that are prohibited by sanctions and regulations, embargoes or orders administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of Treasury or other government agency.

Termination of Contract

As a seller with Artisna you may choose to terminate this contract at any time you wish to. You can adjust the settings in your account with Artisna to make the changes. Also Artisna may at its discretion choose to terminate or suspend a seller’s account at any time in case of any misconduct or violations of the Terms of Use mentioned herein.

Upon termination of their account, any and all non-disputed available balance is deposited into the seller’s bank account (as the case may be). Artisna reserves the right to set off any payments accruing to the seller up to an amount that covers all the anticipated refunds, adjustments or costs thereof, upon termination of the seller’s account.

Handmade Policy

Everything has to be made by hand and the hand has to be yours. The products that you have listed with us must be made / created or designed by you. As a seller you may choose to hire employees, outside help or associates to run your business or assist in making designs.

A full disclosure of the roles of the outside help and assistance is needed if you choose to hire employees to run your business. A seller at Artisna is required to provide sufficient proof of how their products are being made and by whom.

Any item that is not made or designed by you cannot be sold at Artisna and similarly, nothing that has been made by another designer and creator can be resold here.

Artisna Rules!

There are certain rules that as a seller you have to abide by in order to hold up Artisna’s core values. These rules apply to all business who choose to associate with Artisna regardless of their size, type of ownership or hierarchy of employees and/or involvement of any outside manufacturer*.


Everything listed by you with us has to be authentic and produced by you and only you and not the products of someone else being displayed or sold under your brand or name. Sellers of handmade goods are expected to adhere to these principles regardless of the size of their businesses, which may range from a single person shop to a large scale designer unit who partners with an outside manufacturer.

*Outside manufacturer is an entity that is handed over the task of any of the inline processes that are crucial for the production of the final article. Some instances of such processes are:

  • Printing;
  • 3D-modeling or printing;
  • Making casts;
  • Plating;
  • Engraving;
  • Embossing;
  • Cutting;
  • Sewing;
  • Assembling and any other processes that assist in production.

In order to demonstrate the authenticity of your creations you should be able to disclose the following:

  • The process of creation;
  • Type of workspace, tools and equipment used;
  • Information about any outside manufacturer you employ;
  • The conception and story of your business so far;
  • Your particular skill or contribution to the business;
  • Information about your pre-production processes.


You have to have complete knowledge about each and every process that is going on in your Artisna shop or even in your very own production unit for that matter. Only after being fully aware of the production processes can you deliver quality products and services to your buyers.

Whether you hire outside manufacturers, helpers, assistants, trainees, apprentices, junior designers or painters or craft persons for any one or more of the creative processes, having complete knowledge of the process vests in you a degree of responsibility.

This makes you more aware of all the procedures carried on in your production unit that result in the final product and thus ensure that your vision and ambition are being realized. You can be sure that your designs and assured level of quality are actually being delivered.

You are required to disclose the following in order to demonstrate your knowledge and awareness:

  • Parties involved in the production of your handmade items;
  • Individuals or partners that assist in running of your Artisna shop and their roles;
  • Mode and level of communication that you maintain with them for effective collaboration;
  • The level of assistance your outside manufacturer offers in product creation;
  • People involved, and process, specialized equipment or expertise employed by your outside manufacturer;
  • Certifications attained by your outside manufacturer if any (e.g. LEED, B Corp, Fair Trade, etc.)


As a seller at Atisna you are required to be completely transparent and accurate in your dealings and in the way you represent yourself and your business in front of the buyer. Artisna Marketplace values trust and loyalty. Trust is the result of complete truth and honesty which shall be your doing in and in return the buyers who come to Artisna to connect with you and your offerings are impressed by this very trait. This leads to brand loyalty and overall increased sales for you. To attain this reputation with us and your buyer you need to do the following:

  • Upload your own photographs and/or videos and not stock images to display your products;
  • Use your own words, phrases and explanations to describe your goods;
  • Make sure to complete your “About Us” page on Artisna by telling your story and that of your business. You can include names, persons, the way they helped and the role they played in your success.

Important Notice: Providing Artisna with false, inaccurate, or misleading information may lead to deactivation or suspension of your seller account.