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Wish Lists

Wishlists are becoming more and more relevant as the number of shoppers using mobile devices to order online continues to expand. E-commerce experience is incomplete without them. Artisna lets you make Wishlists that are simply collections of the products that you heart on our website. These are the much desired products that are saved by customers to their individual user account(s). They signify interest without immediate intent of purchase. Wishlists can be directly connected or synched to all the events that you might have lined up in your calendar. They act as a constant reminder for you of something that you ought to be doing as soon as you are able to make room for it in your house or set aside a specific budget. Wishlists also help artisans understand what kind of goods interest you and so that they can make sure to accommodate your preferences in the future.

Artisna prevents you from forgetting products that you are interested in and lets you save items that you want to buy later. You can easily keep track of out of stock products through this function. Wishlists also allow you to track the quantity of those items currently in possession of the artisan. Creating a whishlist on our site enables you to be more alert via an email notification that you will receive as soon as the product is back in supply. Artisna also lets you discover lower prices of the saved items in your wishlist. We inform you in case those items are ever featured in a sale or at a lower price on our site.

You can easily find someone else’s wishlist on Artisna. All you have to do is enter their email address or their contact number with which they have registered as a member with us and search. You can comment on, share and like or make recommendations as you please.

Gifting with Artisna

Gifting is another very important feature of Artisna that is made easier with the Wishlist function. You can save items for gifting purposes for nearly every occasion that you can think of in an instant. This makes online shopping a breeze, then be it for your friends or family or business associates. It is just much simpler with our Wishlist function as once it is complete; you can either send it to the recipients for their approval or just buy the saved item and surprise them on their special day.

At Artisnayou can find a wide variety of gift items that are unique to the occasion and the recipient that you have saved them for. Delight your friends and family or colleagues on holidays or anniversaries and birthdays or weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, retirement parties, bar mitzvahs, and christening or any other life event. You can also add gift notes, best wishes, special cards, and wraps to the gift that you pick.

Why Do I Need To Register For Making And Publishing Wedding And/or Wish Lists on Artisna?

Artisna requires your address to process your orders. This makes registering with us essential and it also allows the user to track their orders, create wedding and wish lists, publish them and share them with their friends and loved ones via social media. However, the wedding gift or wish list service is currently unavailable on our mobile website, so please use the desktop version to access all its features.

New Products Every Time

Artisna makes efforts to come up with fine quality products for you every time. We are a worldwide union of artisans with talented teams working on its sister site, to bring forth new and fresh stock of handmade goods. We tap into a wide pool of skilled individuals and curators from across the planet that forms a great source of high quality handmade creations.

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